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Carolina Floare is a Luso-Brazilian award-winning Actress, a Dancer and a Poet. She also made an academic pathway, graduating in Law from the Universities of Lisbon, Bucharest and Catholic and in Literary Translation from the Romanian Cultural Institute.

She was born in Portugal, lived in the portuguese towns Lisbon and Santarém, in Romania (Bucharest) and currently lives in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) since 2010.

She graduated in Theatre from Contemporary Theatre Company (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), in Flamenco from Xuventude de Galicia (Spain/ Portugal) and in Classical Ballet from Royal Academy of Dance (UK/ Portugal).

Her artistic training and experience, in the areas of Drama, DanceMusic and Singing stem from and bring the different colors of the Western European, Eastern European and South American cultural scenarios.

After extensive experience on stage as classical and flamenco dancer, she began her acting studies on the Theatre Group of the University of Lisbon, during the period in which she attended Law. While in Portugal, she studied with the renowned film and television director Nicolau Breyner.

After she moved to Rio de Janeiro she has studied and worked with several Brazilian theatre companies, such as Teatro de Roda (at the “Theatre Classics” project, as Juliet and Lady Capulet from “Romeo and Juliet”), Boca de Cena Company, Contemporary Theatre Company and Os Inomináveis Theatre Company, with the French director Gilles Gwizdek and the Brazilian Renato Rocha (from Royal Shakespeare Company), Regiana Antonini, Mariozinho Telles, Sílvia Carvalho, Dinho Valladares, Marta Cotrim, Denise Milfont, among others.

She has further developed her film and television acting skills with the Brazilian TV directors Teresa Lampreia, Roberto Naar, Marco Rodrigo and Aloyzyo Filho.

She also specialized in actor’s body, with the brazilian performers Claudia Mele, Juliana Medella, Marcelle Sampaio, Luciana Belchior and Fernanda Guimarães, and in scenic voice, with the russian professor Elena Gaissionok.

She founded, in Rio de Janeiro, the theatre group Trupe Intacta Retina, the research company Revoada Art Company and the children's theatre movement Teatro Encantado.

Between 2010 and 2013, she has starred in many theatre plays like “Hamlet 2012” (Shakespeare), “The Seven Kittens” (Nelson Rodrigues), “Ladies Room” (Regiana Antonini), “Chronicles” (Artur Azevedo), “The Fall of The House of Usher” (Allan Poe), “Green Eyes” (Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer), "Sleeping Beauty" (Grimm Brothers), "Peter and The Wolf" (Prokofiev), in the musical play "The Party in The Sky” and in the public dramatized readings of “Lilac Lampshade” (Plínio Marcos) and “A Streetcar Named Desire” (Tennessee Williams). With her performance as Hamlet in her inedit translation and adaptation of Shakespeare's masterpiece she won the Best Leading Actress Award in the 10th Theatre Festival of Rio de Janeiro.

Besides Theatre, she starred, in 2012, a major campaign for Globo TV International and participated, in 2013, in the TV series "Miracles of Jesuson Record TV. In 2014, she starred in the Brazilian short films "The Debt" and "Cinderella" and played in the documentary theatre show "Anonymous". In 2015, she was nominated as Best Leading Actress in a Short Film at the Madrid International Film Festival with the film "The Debt" and as Best Leading Actress in the 13rd Theatre Festival of Rio de Janeiro with the theatral show "Quenga! Quenga! Quenga!".



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"One of the most promising young actresses of the Brazilian stages. She is a serious case!"
by Jackson Antunes, Brazilian Actor

"The camera loves her.
by Roberto Naar, Brazilian TV Director

"She does not interpret, she is the character."

by Sílvia Carvalho, Brazilian Theatre & Film Director

"The best To Be or Not to Be [Hamlet's monologue] I have ever seen in my life."

by Dinho Valladares, Brazilian Theatre Director

"She has a great talent."

by Nicolau Breyner, Portuguese Director & Actor

"She is an actress of maximum magnitude."
by Laura Finocchiaro, Brazilian Singer & Composer

"Carolina Floare is all that verse still has breath to say."

by Maurício Gonçalves, Brazilian Actor

I am the hunger to be me and be the other one and all the others.

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